Where the Ibex roam

I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Glecksteinhütte SAC high above Grindelwald. Besides the wonderful views of the Oberer Grindelwald Glacier and the extermely yummy apple pie, the hut is regularly visited by a herd of Ibex. They are attracted by the salt thrown onto the stones outside of the hut. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to take up close pictures of these impressive animals.

The first Ibex arrive at the hut
Finding the best spot to get at the salt
A close-up experience
Parading in front of the scenic glacier views
A young ibex

The absolute star of the place is Fläckli, the hut’s resident kitten. It tried, sometimes quite successfully, to herd the Ibex around. It was a pleasure to see these animals curiously and cautiously interact with each other.

Fläckli exploring the salt stone
Coming a bit too close for comfort
A truly unforgettable experience!

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